Arbor Day? What is it?

Arbor Day 2013“Each generation takes the earth as trustees.” – J. Sterling Morton

Arbor Day was cialis online 20mg founded by a man named J. Sterling Morton (1832-1902). Him and  his wife were from Detroit and then made their home in Nebraska in 1854. Their Nebraska home was  quickly planted with many different trees, shrubs and flowers. J. Sterling Morton’s purpose to plant many trees at his new Nebraskan home was to serve the purpose as a windbreaks. The trees also provided him and his wife with fuel, building materials and shade. He heavily stressed and encouraged civic organizations and groups to plant trees and to learn the value of a tree. From then on and with his involvement and secretary position of the Nebraska Territory, J. Sterling Morton proposed a tree planting holiday to be called “Arbor Day” on January 4, 1872. Two years later, this holiday became official! During the 1870’s, other states passed Arbor Day legislation and in 1882, the tradition began in schools nationwide.

Today the Arbor Day tradition is still going strong, even after 142 years. That’s quite a long time. If you think about it, that is two and a half generations of the average Spruce tree. Incredible! And what’s even more incredible is  that just in the city of Calgary alone, since its very first Arbor Day, which was May 8, 1905, there have an estimated 425,000 tree seedlings handed out to grade one students over the years.  Each seedling is provided by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. And over the years, each and very seedling planted would cover almost 213 hectares of land. AND, 425,000 mature trees can produce enough oxygen for eight people for almost 73 years. WOW! Lets keep this tradition going strong for our future generations.

Each annual Arbor Day held in Calgary areas happens the first Thursday of every May. This year’s Arbor Day is May 8th, 2014. Go ahead…and show your support to our future generations by planting a tree!

ARBOR DAY inside crd


*The Top Picture and Picture Above this statement is a Card from the children of the 2013, Corpus Christi School, grade 3 class

that was presented to Gerard Fournier of  For Trees Company Ltd. and Tree Canada  on Arbor Day 2013.


Arbor Day Foundation

To learn more interesting facts about Arbor Day and how you can help…CLICK HERE



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