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Albertans are very privileged to have the beautiful and unique Elm tree flourish in our yards and on our streets untouched by the dreaded Elm bark beetles that carry the fatal Dutch Elm Disease fungus. This is a privilege because there are places in the world where Elm trees have been completely wiped out and even areas in Canada where Elms are extinct or scarce due to the devastating outcome of the fungus. There are many efforts in effect to control the spread of the disease and in Alberta there is a provincial pruning ban on Elms between April 1st and September 30th (months when beetle can be active). By not pruning Elms in the time frame when the beetles are active it reduces stress to the trees and limits wounds or pruning cuts which may attract the insect.

This is why it is vital to care for your Elm trees during the winter months. Pruning Elms is very beneficial if done by a professional. Eliminating deadwood and pruning out storm damage cleans the canopy of habitat for insects and therefore, the disease.  Structural pruning, especially in young Elms is necessary because Elms tend to have a multi-stem form and often have included bark and weak branch attachment which may lead to future branch failure. Branch failure on a large scale can cause gaping wounds and tear outs, which can then lead to internal decay and potential tree failure. This sort of failure can easily be prevented by making minor structural pruning cuts to train the tree to cialis online price grow in the best possible way increasing its structural integrity and general health and perseverance.

For Trees Company has both excellent and experienced Certified Arborists who are dedicated to their profession year cialis online 20mg round and can supply the kind of expert winter tree care your majestic long-lived Elm trees need and deserve!  We have several other ways of ensuring the health and longevity of Elms, and grow Elms from seed and sell caliper sized trees from our nursery.  Do your part in the preservation of this important  threatened and endangered tree species, and call us today for a consultation or an estimate.



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