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Trees for Life… Landscapes for Living.

Mountain View County greenhouses and nurseries come to life in the spring, and the For Trees Nursery is no exception. We carry over 100 different varieties of prairie-hardy trees and shrubs. We also carry a small assortment of garden ornaments, fountains, gardening books and pamphlets, wind chimes, and statues. We can also direct you to centres in the area that have bedding out plants and flower baskets.

Best Tree Farm in Mountain View County!

Our specialty is, quite simply, trees and shrubs. The For Trees Nursery has some beautiful plants for your yard and garden. We host a Spring Dig Sale in May each year, but welcome you any time … we’re a “four-season tourist attraction”! We are happy to give you a tour of the tree farm, and point out some of the attributes of various bushes and trees, and why a particular variety might be perfect for your home.

Thank you very Mulch!

Arming your plants with mulch is the smart solution to growing a successful backyard plot, especially when you live in Alberta. We can go from drought, sweltering humidity and oppressive, blistering sunshine all on the same day! For tender young plants trying to graduate to your salad bowl (or any plants and shrubs in your garden, for that matter) uncertain weather conditions can be a tough row to hoe. So at very least, you owe your plants a little soil temperature stability. And that’s where the mulch comes in. Besides keeping the soil temperature stable, mulch has insulating qualities that help conserve moisture.┬áPart of mulch’s value lies, too, in its attraction for earthworms and the microbial soil action it stirs up.

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