landscapEveryone appreciates a well-kept yard and garden. Weeding, watering, mowing, planting flowers, raking and fertilizing turf are tasks most people are familiar with, and even enjoy! Recent studies show that gardening is the number one leisure-time hobby in Canada. This means the “green industry” in Canada is a thriving and growing concern! For Trees will provide professional help to see you through the most difficult and time-consuming gardening tasks, so you can enjoy your garden or outdoor living room all year long.

Professional, Award-Winning Landscapes

The Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association (LANTA) Landscape Awards reflect the Association’s commitment to the development and promotion of high standards of excellence in the landscape contracting industry. The program is designed to reward independent landscape contracting companies that execute quality landscaping projects in design, construction or maintenance.
Each landscaping award entry is evaluated independently against a list of industry-set criteria. A jury of industry experts judge the entries: the jury is comprised of professionals chosen from the fields of landscape architecture and design, education, landscape construction and landscape maintenance

In 2005, For Trees Company received a LANTA Award of Merit for “Residential Landscape Construction”.


In 2009, For Trees Company received the Award of Excellence from Landscape Alberta for achieving more than 85 points in the “Residential Landscape for Water Features” category. This was for a property near Acme, Alberta, and was three years in the making.

Receiving industry recognition from our peers for our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, is very rewarding. We work very hard supporting our industry and are very proud of our work.