Planting Checklist

obuckeyeGetting your trees and shrubs from For Trees is simple. All you have to do is decide what tree you want and where you want the tree. Our arborists will make sure the tree you select is appropriate for the climate and hardiness zone for your area. Stop by our nursery east of Didsbury and have a look around. We will help you find the right tree for your yard and landscape. If you want, we will bring the trees you have selected to your home and plant them for you! If you want to plant your own trees, make sure you read the How to Plant a Tree article from the ISA.

What tree should I plant?amurchry

On a hot summer day, what is more appealing than sitting under the shade of a beautiful tree? Aesthetics and human enjoyment are only two of the reasons for planting trees and shrubs. Ecological, environmental, and economic benefits make up the balance of tree and shrub value.
By selecting the right plant for the right place, trees and shrubs provide shelter from the heat of the sun and protection from cold winds. They screen eyesores, reduce noise pollution, and trap dust and air pollution. They also increase your property value by up to 15%!

Our Tree Directory has a complete description including height and spread of various trees and shrubs, as well as photographs of trees that do very well in central Alberta. In addition, you can check out our Price List & Tree Descriptions to help you with your decisions.

Tree Planting Checklist

The right tree adds beauty and value to your home and minimizes maintenance. Before choosing a tree, consider the following checklist.


  • Why are you planting the tree? (e.g. shade, attract wildlife, screen a neighbouring view, flowers, colour)
  • Will the tree add to your property value?


  • What is the height of the tree at maturity?
  • What is the shape of the tree? (upright, rounded, spreading)


  • Can the tree mature without crowding buildings and other plants?
  • Will the roots uplift sidewalks or driveways or damage foundations?
  • Will the tree block visibility in driveways or intersections?
  • What are the future uses of the site?
  • Will the tree overhang a neighbour’s property?

Growing conditions

  • Will the tree survive local climate and soil conditions? Does it require shade or sun? A wet or dry spot?
  • Is there enough soil area to give the tree the nutrients it needs to survive?
  • Is the tree’s wood strong enough to endure ice and wind without breaking?



  • Is the tree susceptible to disease or insects?
  • Will the tree require frequent spraying?
  • If near a deck or patio, does the tree drop fruit or seeds?

Utility considerations

  • Can the tree mature without growing into overhead power lines?
  • Are you making sure to plant the tree away from underground lines?

For assistance answering any of these questions, call For Trees Company today.