Tree Services

For Trees Company Ltd. provides the only full service tree service in Central Alberta and Mountain View County. We have the equipment and the expertise to remove dead or dying trees, do routine pruning such as deadwooding, crown cleaning and restoration, and clearance pruning; for pedestrians, vehicles, houses and buildings, and can repair trees damaged by a winter storm. If you want help planting trees and shrubs, give us a call. Homeowners and municipalities are also invited to contact us for consultations on insurance claims.

Looking for Good Service? Hire For Trees!

Everyone knows trees and shrubs are good for our world and good for our backyard environs, but most people wouldn’t have a clue how to plant the right tree in the right place. Too often, what may start out as the best of intentions results in a tree or shrub that performs poorly or quickly outgrows its location and has to be removed.
If only there were someone close to home who had the expertise and experience to not only plant trees and shrubs in the right place, but also take care and maintain or even remove the trees that aren’t growing where they should.

Fortunately, if you happen to live between Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta, there is no longer any need to buy your trees and shrubs at one place, hire someone else to plant them, and then pay another person to maintain them. You can take advantage of “one-stop shopping” with For Trees, and the convenience that comes with being able to deal with one person for all your arbor work. We know the investment you put into your property and will do our best to help you protect that investment.

For Trees does it all!