Stone Patios

Landscapes are more than just arrangements of plants and mulch. To be really functional, a landscape needs hardscaping: ponds, decks, patios, and pathways. A new deck quickly expands your useable living space. Besides decks, a gazebo or trellised area can provide a cozy nearby get-away to relax and entertain under. Then we have the barbecue area, a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts in Alberta. We can do a lot with paving stones … patios, steps, walkways … just ask!

You don’t have to mow a patio!

One of the first things the For Trees landscapers will ask is what you want from the space. Are you looking for a patio that will allow you to enjoy meals and conversation with friends and family? Do you prefer a more secluded patio that serves as a haven where you can enjoy some quiet moments?
Maybe you’re a sun-lover and want an open patio. Maybe you want to enclose it into a sunroom. Do you want to include a firepit or a patio bar? Or do you want to turn your backyard into a tranquil spa, complete with a hot tub and shady cabana or a pergola?

Next we’ll discuss materials and designs that will match the house. For instance, a stucco home with a concrete patio may not look as nice as one with a tiled patio.

Some different types of patio pavers include: flagstone, brick, concrete, and tile. Patio stones are perfect for a natural, country-style, romantic look, come in great blended colours, and often give the old weathered look of natural stone. Our installers are experienced at fitting and installing stones; whether you want a herringbone pattern, a weave, circle, or something modular, we will give you the patio you’ve always dreamed about.