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Tree Services

For Trees Company Ltd. provides the only full-service tree service in Central Alberta and Mountain View County. We have the equipment and the expertise to remove dead or dying trees, do routine pruning such as deadwooding, crown cleaning and restoration, and clearance pruning; for pedestrians, vehicles, houses and buildings, and can repair trees damaged by a winter storm. If you want to help in planting trees and shrubs, give us a call. Homeowners and municipalities are also invited to contact us for consultations on insurance claims.

Looking for Good Service? Hire For Trees!

Everyone knows trees and shrubs are good for our world and good for our backyard environs, but most people wouldn’t have a clue how to plant the right tree in the right place. Too often, what may start out as the best-of-intentions results in a tree or shrub that performs poorly or quickly outgrows its location and has to be removed.

If only there were someone close to home who had the expertise and experience to not only plant trees and shrubs in the right place but also take care and maintain or even remove the trees that aren’t growing where they should.

Fortunately, if you happen to live between Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta, there is no longer any need to buy your trees and shrubs at one place, hire someone else to plant them, and then pay another person to maintain them. You can take advantage of “one-stop shopping” with For Trees and the convenience that comes with being able to deal with one person for all your arbor work. We know the investment you put into your property and will do our best to help you protect that investment.

Tree Pruning

Pruning large trees can be dangerous for people who lack the experience, expertise, and equipment to do the job safely. The advantage of having an arborist do the work is that we know exactly what needs to be pruned to improve the health, safety, and appearance of your trees:

  • Pruning young trees or mature trees both require an understanding of how trees grow and respond in order to preserve your investment.
  • Correct pruning is the most important component of sustainable tree care.
  • Routine pruning to clean out deadwood, maintain clearances and structural pruning can be done any time of year, providing it is done with skill, knowledge, and safety.
  • Pruning in winter has the added advantages of tree, insect, and disease dormancy.

The professional arborists at For Trees have the training, experience, equipment needed to prune your trees safely and professionally. Hire For Trees for the sake of your trees, your health, and your property.

For Trees

Tree & Stump Removal

Removing trees, especially large trees in tight areas, can be heavy and dangerous work.

The certified, qualified arborists at For Trees provide expert diagnosis on whether or not a tree should be removed.

Removing a tree is usually a last resort; however, there are many circumstances where it becomes necessary. Your tree may be diseased or dying; it may be interfering with other trees, buildings, driveways, and utility wires or you may be facing the removal of trees for a new development.

Specialized equipment, training, and experience makes all the difference between potential injury and disaster and the peace of mind that comes knowing the professional arborists at For Trees will handle the job safely and correctly!

Call us at (403) 335-8965 today!

Tree Replacement & Planting

Getting your trees and shrubs from For Trees is quick and easy.

Our arborists will make sure the tree you select is appropriate for the climate and hardiness zone for your area. We help you find the right tree for your yard, budget, and landscape.

We can deliver trees to your home and plant them for you or you can pick up your trees directly from our tree farm and plant them yourself.

For Trees

Storm Damage

Those Alberta Storms!

Storms virtually any time of year are nothing new to Albertans. Storms can cause major damage to limbs or entire trees, which can result in damage to other properties. Badly damaged trees need to be removed safely, without causing further damage or injury.

If trees can be saved, they often need to be properly pruned to lessen the long-term damage to the tree and risk to surrounding property. Often, diagnosing and safely dealing with a tree that could fail and cause damage can save a great deal of needless harm and expense.

Consultations & Arborist Services

For Trees has the qualifications and the expertise to objectively value trees or the loss of or damage to trees, diagnose any kind of tree problem, and assess large trees for hazard and safety. Whatever the tree problem, in our analysis and inspection, For Trees is:

  • Thorough
  • Objective
  • Professional
  • Ethical

For Trees gives you cutting-edge, scientifically sound tree advice; valuable knowledge you can rely on to sustain your tree care investment!

If you need professional help in deciding what trees and shrubs would thrive and look good in your yard, we do those types of consultations too. We can supply you with the right plants you need, locally from our tree nursery and can install them for you as well.

Commercial & Municipal Tree Services

For Trees specializes in providing safe, reliable, professional and expert tree care services to municipalities and commercial clients across Alberta.

Our wide range of certified tree maintenance services include:

  • Tree pruning to ANSI 300 standards
  • Park and boulevard pruning
  • Pruning or safe removal of trees in hard to access areas
  • Natural area parks with limited access
  • Expert Tree Climbing crews
  • Board Certified Master Arborist, Certified Arborists, additional staff qualifications and ongoing training program, certified safety program (AASP)
  • Hazard and Tree Risk Assessor Qualified Professional (TRAQ)
  • Storm damage cleanup and emergency response
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree Replacement to International Society of Arboriculture’s Best Management Practices
  • Tree Supply, Tree Nursery; delivery and expert installation
  • Consulting, Planning, Landscape Design, Tree Planting Events, Inventory
  • Tree and Shelterbelt Valuations

We are proud to count the following towns, counties, and cities as our ongoing clients:

City of Red Deer, Town of Olds, Town of Banff, Town of Didsbury, Mountainview County, Kneehill County, Town of Carstairs, Village of Delia, Town of Crossfield, Town of Sundre, and Rockyview County.

Commercial clients have included Chinook’s Edge School Division, Golden Hills School Division, Calgary Catholic School Division, as well as Alberta Health Services, Alberta Infrastructure, many builders, private developers, property managers, golf courses, farms, ranches, and many types of businesses, large and small.

We would be pleased to become your tree care experts!