The first step towards managing any resource must always be inventory. Data collection with TreePlotter is a Graphical Information System (GIS) tree management software designed specifically for tree asset mapping.

We can tailor to your management needs and customize your tree inventory with efficiency, accuracy, and the use of real time data.

Once the inventory is complete, we can generate useful reports with graphic information and maps to help you manage and prioritize your tree resources over all the land assets you manage.

Through our subscription you may access and update your data by reviewing assessments or adding work records.

Valuable data and information about what kinds and species of trees will be in your inventory, their size, condition, and location. Their condition and location are collected and compiled to prioritize the work needed.

Be it removals, pruning, pest control, replacement planting, using the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) hazard tree risk assessments and maintenance recommendations, you will save your budget dollars and be able to use your employees’ time more efficiently.

Generalized tree valuations or on the spot custom individual tree valuations can be made at any time, using the methodology published by the ISA, which is integrated into the software.

We can then work with you to customize and update your tree inventory and give you the advantage of being able to proactively manage trees within your tree inventory for the future. Overall, this can help relative to budgeting, scheduling, and planning for your greenspaces!